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Top 5 benefits of having a concrete pool

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10:30 AM

My summer holidays as a kid were spent in and around our family pool. My brothers and I would splash about, play make-believe games (usually involving sharks and octopuses wreaking havoc on unsuspecting bathers), hold competitions and races, even read books and have afternoon snacks on floating blow-up beds.


When I look back on those sun-drenched days, there's a warm glow of belonging that surrounds the memories. I learned innumerable life skills around that rather humble pool and set myself up for a lifelong love of the water.


So, when we decided to build our own pool, I wanted to ensure the same sense of fun for my kids with some additional features for adults only, including a diving board and a spa. I started researching all our options, and that's when I noticed the benefits of a concrete pool - just like the one I had growing up.


  1. Inground concrete pools are the more flexible option. You can have any shape you like (almost) when compared to fibreglass models that come in fixed moulds. And that means you can custom-design your pool to match your lifestyle, activities, garden and home. Because they're made on location, you can include any element you want in terms of seating, steps, and depths. The latter is great if your kids come in a range of ages - your little ones can splash in the shallow end while older children can progressively learn how to swim at greater depths. Plus, attaching a matching spa is super easy.


  1. They're a better investment. Nothing lights up the eyes of a prospective home buyer than seeing a pristine, elegantly designed pool in the backyard. If we ever decide to move to a new house, we could reap back the cost of building the pool and more because it plays upon the lifestyle aspirations of new buyers like nothing else.


  1. They last longer. Installing an inground pool is a big investment - in both time, money and your family's lifestyle. It makes sense to choose an option that will be durable and attractive. Concrete pools last for years - probably many more than you'll be living in your home.


  1. Concrete pools are easier to maintain and fix. I hope I never have to repair the pool I finally install, but it's good to know that, should a fix be needed, choosing concrete means it will be easier and cheaper than any other kind of pool material. I also get extra peace of mind knowing that neither salt or pool chemicals will adversely affect the concrete, so it will prove easier to clean and maintain over the long term.


  1. You can create an ambience all your own. Did you know concrete pools can be installed with distinctive lighting wherever you want it? This is great for a midnight dip as well as creating an unbeatable atmosphere for entertaining at the flick of a switch. I'm picturing world-beating pool parties with cocktails and hors d'oeuvre set around a sparkling pool on a hot summer's night. I may have been watching too many Hollywood movies.