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Council Approval

Prior to work commencing on site, several applications need to be processed in order to gain Council Approval. We will organise your Engineering Specifications, WaterCorp Approval, Certificate of Design Compliance and the Building Permit.




Once Engineering, Water Corp & Council Approvals are in place, excavation can commence. The use of either an excavator or bobcat is utilised to dig your pool into the appropriate shape and depth. Our subcontractors are highly experienced and skilled in their field of work.



Form & Steel Work

Form and steel work is carried out to engineering specifications, using timber, corrugated iron and 12mm steel lengths. Double caging may be required where pools are positioned within close proximities to boundary's.



Plumbing & Concrete

Installation of plumbing and light fittings are carried out prior to the concrete being sprayed to a minimum of 150mm thick. It is at this point that the pool walls, seats and steps are shaped. Closely followed by backfilling, compaction and finalising the plumbing connections.



Tile & Capping

We fix the tiles to the top 200mm of the pool wall e.g. waterline tile. The capping/headers are then fixed to the top of the pool. Dependent on your choice of tile, the installation of headers may be adhered to first.




A secure pool barrier must be installed to Australian Standards prior to plastering taking place.

A Rainbow Quartz plaster can then be adhered to your pool, boasting a stunning smooth finish. We recommend acid washing your pool to enhance to colour of the plaster.



Filteration & Handover

The filtration equipment e.g. pumps & filter, can now be installed. A demonstration of equipment use and supply of pool maintenance equipment will then be carried out during a full, comprehensive handover. Your beautiful, fully operational swimming pool is now ready for enjoyment!